Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Unholy mess

It was a bad bad day in the Diamond-Hansen household yesterday....

I was leaving work and heading to the gym...and that's when the bomb dropped. I got a call from Ben that went a little like this...

Ben "Ummmm hey babe...I have something to tell you. I'm warning you, you aren't going to be happy. But I thought I had better tell you."

Now for all of you who know Ben, know that he is the most undramatic person in the polar opposite. So I knew that whatever he was about to tell me was big.

Me: "It cant be that bad. Whats up?"

Ben: "Well somehow Chloe got into our bed room and found your shoes....."

I went into a total panic hoping that it was the dumb paten leather purple pumps I bought on a whim...

Me: "Spit it out already!"

Ben: "Your brown suede heels."

Me: "Oh sweet mother...." The rest of what I said is not very lady like of me, so go ahead and use your imagination.

Now before you all go and think I'm over reacting let me fill you in on something. These shoes fit me like a glove. They are a size 5...which never seems to happen. They are my go to shoes. Michael Kors pumps circa 2007.

The shoes are unfixable. I couldnt even make my self even look at them last I looked this mornig...bad bad bad idea. I almost lost my latte.
As for Chloe she is still alive and well and chewing on her 12 bones I bought her to keep her away from my shoes.

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Amylee said...

"A size 5... which never happens."

Let's see... I'm pretty sure that the last time I was a size 5 I was, well, 5.

Puppies are a nuisance, but goodness they are cute.