Monday, February 21, 2011

my favorites

These are easily 2 of my favorite people alive. I mean, just look at them. The 3 of us go together like spaghetti and meat balls. I feel terrible for Ben because he has to listen to the gossip and the shoe talk and the "Oh my god did you see what she was wearing...?!?" talk. I'm convinced that he secretly loves it....just like he secretly loves Sex and the City. Honest to god I almost pee my pants every time we hang out from laughing so hard....soooo what I'm trying to tell you is that I pee my pants...a lot.

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Jerry said...

Dear Maggie,
Thank you so much for posting this revealing look into Ben's secret passions (Sex & the City, talking about shoes, etc). This was something we were all pretty sure about, but it's nice to have this confirmation from a trusted source. This post gives us at least another couple months worth of material to work with and remind Ben about frequently. Thanks again.
Warm regards,
Ben's Co-workers

ps. any follow-up posts with more info would be appreciated.