Thursday, February 24, 2011

my body is rejecting winter

So apparently the storm of the century is about to hit....again. Instead of putting on my woollies and snuggling up with a good movie, I am making a margarita (umbrella included) and having a bowl of pesto pasta. Nothing says summer like basil and lemons...especially when its imported from Puerto Rico because its too damn cold here.My body is rejecting winter. It refuses to acknowledge that we most likely have another 4 more months of back and fourth sun and snow.

*I don't need to remind you all that it snowed 2 days before our wedding... and then the day of the wedding 2 bridesmaids passed out AT THE ALTER due to the heat. OUR WEDDING WAS IN JUNE. This is all for another post, but the look on my fathers face when we woke up to snow was priceless....he was freaking out more than me....but like I said that's for a different day.

I have been shopping for swim suits and big floppy hats for months now. I am going to be really disappointed when I wake up with a foot of snow. So for now I will be sitting under my lamp with my sound machine set on ocean thinking of this....

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Hansen Headlines said...

I am with you all the way on this one. I am ready for spring - way past ready actually.